Akaal Chalaanaa of Bh. Daya Singh Jee Ludhiana


"O' Veer! O' Veer!" This is how my dear Veer, Bhai Daya Singh, used to address us younger ones. Today, the Veer has left for the Divine Abode. I pray that Guru Sahib ignores all his faults and recognize his sevaa, humility and Shabad Kamaayee, to bless him with Khalsa Sangat forever. When we were growing up, Veer Parivaar were our role models. Bhai Daya Singh used to work tirelessly in the langar during samaagams. There is a funny story about how Bhai Sahib got so tired one time that when he went in to the supplies room to pick up a bag of flour, he sat there hugging the bag doing simran and fell asleep. Dear Veerjee had a natural talent for tabla playing. Chacha jee, Dr. Hardial Singh California, always preferred to have Daya Singh Veerjee play tabla with him as he would play the most fitting beat with Chacha jee's amazing new tunes. We brothers often have a laugh recalling how Veerjee would sometimes play some beats with his mouth! In later years, Daya Singh Veerjee started doing Keertan as well. Since we came to Canada in 1991, we never got much of a chance for doing Sangat with him except the one time he came to the UK samaagam with Master Niranjan Singh jee and Bhai Santokh Singh. Veerjee had some diaries of his Shabads and would create a whole topic in doing Keertan with some Precious Gems of Shabads pearled together.

Benatee to Sarbat Sangat to join in Ardas programs for dear Veerjee.



Harpreet Singh


Bh. Daya Singh Jee LDH



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