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You have to agree to terms and conditions below to get this service. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully prior to filling and submitting the form. Also, you must understand the disclaimer of this service.

If you agree with the Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer of this service, fill in all the mandatory fields (*) of the form below.

Once you submit an entry, we will review your entry. Once your submission is validated with the reference you have given, we will send you a link with your credentials which you can use to browse matrimonial submissions for possible match. If your submission is disapproved or require further information, you will still get an email from us. Please ensure that you have email in your contacts. Also, check your Junk/Spam folder on regular basis to ensure that the email is not trapped in there.

Terms and Conditions of Matrimonial Service:

Please read the conditions below carefully. You MUST agree to all of these conditions by selecting YES on the bottom of this page to receive this service.

  • Further contact and discussions with the potential matches are at the discretion of the parties involved.
  • You are Amritdhari's or preparing to take Amrit.
  • You are ready to follow or already following Puratan Rehit maryada including wearing Keski and being lacto-vegetarian.
  • You do not have any caste preferences.
  • Your profile will be available to view for other verified registered matrimonial submitters.
  • You will be able to browse or view profiles of other verified matrimonial submitters.
  • As part of the sharing profiles, your name, gender, age, height, picture, education, occupation, industry, annual income, currency, country, all the mandatory information in "Personal Information","Your preferences for future spouse" and "Family Information" sections will be shared with the other approved registered individual.
  • Approved Matrimonial users should not distribute details and/or photos of other approved Matrimonial users to people who are not registered on the site because this is a breach of data protection laws.
  • AKJ-Matrimonial Sevadaars will only verify that the submitter is a valid entry.

Disclaimer of Matrimonial Service:

We are not sharing your personal information to anyone. Please check out our Privacy Policy page for further details. We are not responsible for the success or not of the marriage. It is for both parties to do their own due diligence in this matter. Please note that the information provided above is a response provided by potential candidates and has not been verified by us.


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