Dawn of Divine Wisdom

Bhai Raam Singh Jee

XVI. Body Discipline


(ਸਰੀਰਕ ਰਹਿਤ)

In order to ensure proper body discipline the following five external adaptations on the body of a Sikh are a must:

(1) KACHH (ਕੱਛ)  – a specially designed underwear

(2) KARRA (ਕੜਾ) – wrought iron bangle to be worn on the right forearm

(3) KIRPAN (ਕਿਰਪਾਨ) – iron sword to be slung across the body with a strap from the right shoulder

(4) KANGHA (ਕੰਘਾ) – wooden comb to be kept along top-knot of hair onhead

(5) KESKI (ਕੇਸਕੀ) – a turban of convenient length for respectful protection of hair

The above five external adaptations constitute an external form of a Sikh. This form must be kept up at all time, otherwise indiscipline would creep-in in the wake of any slackness on this score.

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