Dawn of Divine Wisdom

Bhai Raam Singh Jee



The world, by and large, is not satisfied despite material comforts. Every human being has an internal craving for eternal satisfaction. To quench this craving he selects a rewarding profession, aspires for good social status; ensure a variety of entertainments as lie in his capacity; endeavours to undertake long journeys to beautiful tourist spots in other countries; and is quite selective regarding his eats, drinks and other entertainments. All his entertainments and resultant satisfactions are short-lived. Boredom follows each of them, necessitating a change in his programme for a fresh pleasure. But he never finds a lasting one in the material pursuits. Lasting pleasure can only be achieved through spiritual devotion, and by no other means, as is revealed by Gurbani:

ਸੁਖੁ ਨਾਹੀ ਰੇ ਹਰਿ ਭਗਤਿ ਬਿਨਾ ॥

There is no bliss without Bhakti.


We neither spare time nor feel the necessity ever to ponder  as to where we have come from to this world, what we are to do here and where we have to go after death, or whether there is any such thing as soul that rests in our body and makes this physical structure, think, talk, work, smile and worry. Whether it is a worker, a thinker, a producer, a business man or a service man, every one is busy amassing wealth in order to be able buy as many of imaginable facilities and comforts available on earth for his or her enjoyments as possible.

Fascinated by mammon, it is not possible to snatch a few moments from our ambitious occupation to spend on the study of a subject like the one introduced herein. If by a stroke of good luck you are able to spare a few moments to glance through the few pages that follow, you would not only find yourself satisfactorily rewarded but also enlightened on a subject perhaps, not heard of hither-to-fore, an in case you can understand Gurmukhi script or at least can understand Panjabi language with the help of a neighbour, you will be the real beneficiary. There will be many readers who will think that this write-up has been intended for them only.

The Supreme Spiritual Guide on whom this write-up takes the leaning, is sure to bestow ever-lasting bliss and peace on you, provided you follow His advice to the letter and thus happen to be fortunate enough to incur His pleasure.

With this object in view this write-up has been attempted. If any of the seekers of Truth is benefitted to any extent from this humble rendering, I shall feel rewarded for this labour. I take this opportunity to thank Bhai Joginder Singh Ji of Talwara for his contribution in making this write-up a worth-while affair.

Sqn. Ldr. Ram Singh,  June 1976
102 Rani ka Bagh, Amritsar, India
The first edition having being exhausted, the second editionis printed with slight additions for the benefit of the seekers of Truth.

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