Ammrit Kee Hain - The Meaning of Sikh Baptism

Translated by: Dr. Trilochan Singh Jee
Bhai Sahib Bhai Randheer Singh Jee

Chapter 9: The Fragrance of an Enlightened Soul


The fragrance of the ambrosial divine Name of God is so sweet and engrossing that its aroma is incomparable. It surpasses the fragrance of sweet smelling earthly objects like musk, sandalwood and other aromatic essences. All the foul smelling passions within the heart are changed to fragrant feelings in the soul of one who meditates on the divine Name. It however does not mean that he who contemplates the divine Name loses all sense of discrimination between sweet and foul smell. His powers are like those of other human beings, but contemplation of the divine Name fills his whole being with such spiritual aroma that no foul smell can reach his inner senses.

My Spirit is absorbed in His Name;
it is fragrant with aromatic smell
and can see through inner perceptions all the ten directions
of world existence (the whole living world and space around). 1

Like a deer, man wanders in the wilderness
attracted by enchanting fragrance,
not knowing that the aromatic sweet smell
comes from the musk within the body. 2

The inner being of Thy servant,
Nanak, has been made fragrant
and blessed indeed is my life. 3

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